Friday, March 31, 2006

Sailboat (for David Rimmer)

Sailboat (for David Rimmer) by Brian L. Frye (2006); video, color, sound, 2 minutes.
An homage to a reputedly great work of minor cinema, which I've never had the opportunity to see. Sound by Wayne & Liz, borrowed from WFMU.

Safeway Siren

Safeway Siren by Brian L. Frye (2006); video, color, sound, 1 minute.
I was sorting through the pork chops when this young lady asked if she could read me a poem. I consented, and captured the drama. I think the milieu enhances the effect.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

San Clemente's Not the Same: The Nixon Rag

San Clemente's Not the Same by Brian L. Frye (2006); video, color, sound, 2.5 minutes.
A music video for Barbara Foster's fabulous "San Clemente's Not the Same," illustrated by H.R. Haldeman's home movies of Tricky Dick and his entourage.

Playskool Bend

Playskool Bend by Brian L. Frye (2006); video, color, sound, 1 minute.
My first (successfully) bent toy, purchased at the Goodwill by the mall. Only two changes: a 1K pot and a 1K resistor. And I'm hooked.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Skate Jam Olympia!

Skate Jam Olympia! by Brian L. Frye (2006); video, sound, 1 minute.

Heather Dunn, et al spun LPs at the Sunday night Skate Party. It'd been ages since I'd laced on a pair of roller skates. But it was just like I remembered from 20 years ago in Santa Rosa. We got an Icee (blue flavor) and used the photobooth. I managed not to run into anyone. And Carrie stole the centipede when they got it going.