Thursday, January 05, 2006


Nadja (2001) by Brian L. Frye; 16mm, color, silent, 3 minutes.

Brakhage called her the muse, perhaps because she appears only to those who hold a filmstrip in their own hands. But here she visits - if only momentarily - all those who care to see her.

"Let us speak plainly: The marvelous is always beautiful, anything marvelous is beautiful; indeed, nothing but the marvelous is beautiful." -- Andre Breton.


msic said...

I just discovered this site, and will be slowly working through these. Fantastic.

NADJA is really lovely, and it's truly amazing that you took an image so integral to experimental film history and imbued it with something fresh. The afterimage is startling, but once I began counting the repetitions in the loop (i.e. using my rational faculties), I found it harder and harder to allow the ghost image to appear. Somehow my mind just started blocking it out and seeing only the white leader. Then I had to relax, stop counting, stop thinking all "structural" and just let it be. And sure enough, she came back.

jeanli said...

As you may recall, this is one of my favorite films in the whole world and since I own a print (thanks!) I show it every semester on the first day of class. It's magic, just like the cinema. I just linked to it from my class blog too :-)

Brianlfrye said...

Thanks Jeannie! That's the reason I try to give away or sell as many prints as possible. I'm very fond of this movie as well. I was kind of surprised it works at all on video, but there you have it!